Thursday, March 1, 2007


Hi Everyone!! I've made it back from Italy, and with three swatches already completed for my afghan. I promise to post pictures of them by this weekend when I recover from my jetlag!! For now, welcome to Lisa, Lia and Wendy, our three new members! I can't wait to see everyone's progress.

In the meantime, if you need some inspiraton for stitches, may I suggest Lion Brand's Stitch Finder. They seem to adding new stitches frequently. I'm planning on linking websites on the side bar, so if anyone else knows of a good resource for stitch patterns, let me know and I will add it.

Until later, happy knitting! :)

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Wendy in MD said...

Thanks for having me! I'm a newbie so I have a couple of quick questions:

1) Do you just decide on the size of each square and knit different patterns to those dimensions?

2) Is there a yarn that is best for Afghans?