Friday, February 9, 2007

Welcome to the Knit-A-Long!

Welcome to the Knit-a-Long! I am definitely the type of knitter that hates knitting blankets. I can't even knit a baby blanket without getting bored of the repetition of knitting the same thing row after row. It's always a struggle to finish. But I still want a cozy blanket, so what is a knitter like me to do?

Knit a swatch afghan of course! I hope that you will knit along with me. I am planning on knitting squares, each with a different pattern which can be sewn together into a blanket, but if you already have a ton of swatches and nothing to do with them, that would work too. This will be an ongoing Knit-a-Long, so join and finish whenever you want. If you'd like to join, e-mail me at angela at craftychickonline dot com and I'll give you access to the blog so you can post your progress too!

Happy Knitting!

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